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it’s clear now !

im glad to know that .. my friends were not really mad at me … someone just influenced them and try to ruin our friendship … i love to know that she is just the only person who hates me … in fact, i feel it most of the time !!! unfortunately .. she didn’t win because my friends say sorry to me about what happen :)

crap :-( don’t want to live anymore :(

 hmmp ! my mind keep on thinking parin kung bakit nila nasasabi na ganun ako ! :-( my school friends judge me without knowing who really i am !! 2 years is not enough to know each other really well !! i hate myself ! i hate this d*mn life !! sana marealize nila na mali mga pinagsasabi nila sken ! sbi nga nila ! let them do and say whatever they want to .!! F*CK SH*T … :-(

sad story of mine :(

.. :( why does people keep on making gossips and rumors about you .. they dont even know hu really u r ? !! then they keep on making accusations about you .. i really cant believe it that even my true bestfriend who knows almost everything about me can point out that im a PLASTIC !! :-( sh*t .. d*mn .. btw ! i dont need to worry ! cause i know who really i am :(

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